1.      All work is confirmed by a deposit. Work will be accepted without a deposit and a request for deposit notification will be sent to the customer. Work will not progress until a deposit is received.
2.      Financial arrangements can be made to establish a time pay system if the customer so desires. The length of time to completion allows ample time to reduce the total balance by regular payments.
3.      All Tanning is paid for in advance. All tanning is done at owners risk.
4.      Completed work will be held for 60 days after notification of client. Unless arrangements are made, item will be sold to recover costs.
4 to 6 weeks prior to completion a notification will be sent giving a tentative delivery date, description of work to be performed, customer mailing address with a billing summery, and a request for final payment excluding crating and shipping. The client is requested to verify the information and remit the final payment excluding crating and shipping.
Work is scheduled based on clients response. Delay in response will remove client from the work cycle, and can delay completion of the work by 2 to 3 Months.
In order to expadite all shipping, create a shipping account with FedEx and provide me with your account number. This will eliminate any additional charges to your invoice and allow you to get your trophy much faster.
Quality work takes time. Taxidermy is a hands on process requiring that each specimen be handled individually to ensure a quality product. As a result no completion dates are expressed or implied. MINIMUM TURN AROUND TIME IS 9 TO 12 MONTHS AND SOMETIMES LONGER. You will be notified when your item is scheduled to be completed. An inquiry after 6 Months is acceptable to identify an estimated time frame. Every effort is made to complete your order in a timely manner.
All capes, hides, and skins are professionally tanned by commercial taxidermy tanners. This ensures a quality product for mounting. Tanning usually takes a minimum of 3 to 5 Months before it is returned to the taxidermists, then the work can be scheduled. All mammals are completely measured and individually tagged to ensure customer receives their own cape or hide back. No substitutes for capes or hides are ever made without the approval of the client.
Upon receipt, all birds are inspected for quality before being tagged with clients invoice number. No substitutions are made without prior approval of the client. Birds are skinned, fleshed, degreased, and triple washed before being tanned. The bird bodies are measured and hand carved to the specifications of the bird.
All fish are measured and skin mounted over an individually hand carved body to precisely duplicate the original fish. Cold water fish have a head casted from the clients original fish head. Warm water fish retain the original head. Some warm water, ocean, and cold water fish will be mounted with a casting of the clients original fish head as required. Cure time after mounting of all fish is at least 2 Months or longer to ensure proper mounting and long life before painting takes place.
It is recommended that photographs taken of the freshly caught fish be supplied, otherwise color schemes typical of the size and species will be used. Fish should then be wrapped in a wet towel before being frozen.
Reproduction fish are available. Client should measure the fish from head to end of tail as well as the girth of the fish. A close-up photograph of the fish is highly recommended along with its estimated weight.
State of the art paints specifically designed for each fish are employed to give the fish a truly lifelike appearance.
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